Achieve sales growth of more than 427%

MICCELL , founded in 2007, it has focused on the export trade of mobile phone accessories for 15 years.

MICCELL self purchased office is located in CBD office building, Haizhu District, Guangzhou.Total fixed assets exceed $2,500,000.

The main categories of MICCELL brand include chargers, data cables, power bank, earphones, speakers, mice, keyboards, etc. Let you have more choices.

The quality inspection standard adopts international AQL Level II, 0.65.

At present, it has 5 brand strategic partners with assets of more than $10,000,000, distributed in North America, South America, the Middle East and other regions.

Since 2020, MICCELL team has been committed to building fast delivery capabilities and quasi-delivery capabilities. The orders delivery rate reaches 95%, and the product qualification rate reaches 98%. MICCELL ensure 100% delivered on time, 1% for each day of delay.


MICCELL history

Come see the milestones we’ve reached along the way.


WE was established in 2007

  • Established the professional service team

  • Established the management system

  • Establish product orientation to ensure quality and safety


Took part in Exhibition every year Since 2014

We participate in various consumer electronics exhibitions every year, including CES, ASD Exhibition,Brazil Electronics Exhibition, Mexico Electronics Exhibition, Canton Fair and Hong Kong Exhibition… etc, to expand MICCELL’s brand influence.


Development period of miccell

Cooperated with the biggest importers at Mexico, Argentina, Russia, Brazil, Sweden.

In 2018,established Miccell with the Peruvian partner who cooperatied with us 11 years. At the same year Miccell started to sell at 7- Eleven in USA .

Operating the Miccell brand with a partner in New York, USA in 2019.


Qualitative leap

From 2022 to the future, Veaqee must achieve a qualitative leap, and at the same time making the greater progress with own brand Miccell.

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Where is miccell

MICCELL has been registered more than 36 countries

Thanks Veaqee!After three years of cooperation, we performance achieved an annual growth of 427% in the third year

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In 2021, it will achieve a 37% increase over 2020, reaching 1 million USD.

PD chargers and TWS earbuds have begun to purchase and have a growing trend

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In one year, Veaqee designed two private mold appearances for customers, one of which has an annual sales volume of more than 600,000 PCs, and the other has an annual sales volume of nearly 200,000 PCs

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