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Chinese New year is coming!
1/28/2019 3:21:46 AM

February 5th is the Chinese Spring Festival holiday, also is the Chinese New Year, represents everything is a new beginning. Before the holiday, our company will have dinner with all the people and hold activities.


At the beginning, our boss Tobey prepared a wonderful dance performance for us.Everybody was really into it and the performance was fantastic.


There was also an award ceremony, the ten million hero award and the best seller award. Everyone was excellent.


The most desirable part is the raffle and the performance. A lot of people have drawn the gift that he wants, everybody can award again, as the award of laborious a year, also encourage everybody next year make persistent efforts.


Our colleagues in the foreign trade department performed a lovely little man dance together, and we all enjoyed it very much.


Finally, we had a gift exchange. We all prepared a New Year's gift and randomly selected a gift. We all chose a favorite gift.


Chinese New Year is the most important festival for Chinese people. It is the only time that the whole family can get together.We sang together, danced together, drank together and told each other interesting things that happened last year. We also hope everything has a good start.

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