PD27W data cable
The wire itself adopts a two-color texture design, which can withstand 12000
continuous bending tests and is very durable.
The original PD chip, with high configuration and high speed, will not harm the phone
while charging quickly.
During the charging process, you don’t have to worry about the data cable getting hot,
you can safely charge while playing games.
The PD27W data cable has multiple compatibility. Charging various types of mobile
phones will add 65% of the power to the phone in 30 minutes.
PD56W data cable
The cable is made of TPE+ABS materialand the connector is made of anti-burst
12mm mesh, which is very durable.
Inside the cable is an encrypted copper core for safer and faster charging.
Officially certified chip that intelligently regulates not overcharging and automatically switches to trickle charging when the phone is full to protect your phone at all times.
Supports a wide range of PD fast charging phones, with both fast charging and data
transfer functions.
PD braided data cable
This data cable is made of aluminum alloy housing.Corrosion resistant, non-rusting,
can be used for a long time.

Smartly adjustable without overcharging and automatically switch to trickle charging
when your phone is fully charged to protect your phone at all times.
Theanti fracture design is adopted at the tail of the wire, and the wire itself is
reinforced twice, which greatly increases the service life.Strengthen the tail, easily passed 35,000 bending tests, can be used with confidence.

Strong, tensile resistance, not easy to crack and wear-resistant.