Now with the constant updating of cell phones; cables have become a necessity in

our lives!

The cable is also a small bridge that connects the cell phone to various devices,

making our lives even more convenient!

Veaqee has launched its latest braided cable made of TPE this summer!

This time, the TPE series of cable adopts a stylish, minimalist design style

TPE Fast charging data cable

Material: TPE

Length: 1M

Capacity: 2.4A/3A

Inner copper wire:Φ50/0.08*2c+10/0.08*2C
Colors: black, white, purple, green, pink, blue

Product features

Now the market data cable using some cheap raw materials for production, although

the price is very cheap, but generally 3 months the cable will appear wear and tear, the

interface rupture and other phenomena.

Our series of cable using TPE material, toughness and flexibility are much improved,

can be 3000 times bending test.

Internal functionality

There are four very small lines inside the data line, the red line is the power supply

positive pole, the black line is the power supply negative pole, the green line is the data

transmission positive pole, and the white line is the data transmission negative pole.

When charging a mobile phone in daily life, only two red and black wires are used.

The green and white lines are only used for data transmission between mobile phones

and computers.

Interface display

This data cable is with Multiple Interfaces for Type C, Micro, for apple.

Support Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei for charging.