On August the Veaqee team organised a day trip to the company’s mobile phone

accessories factory!

We’ve been planning this event for a long time! We finally got to learn more about the

expertise of earphones, chargers and data cables!

As we entered the earphone factory, the wall on the right clearly showed the factory

management system and the production lines of each position!

To the left, we see workers at their respective posts, all concentrating on their jobs.

Every earphone here is created without their hard work!

We went to the headphone sound quality test instrument.

The staff also introduced us to the audio, sound quality, curve, low frequency, mid

frequency, high frequency and other knowledge.

We were told that the headphones were balanced between the left and right ear, and

that the distortion rate was 5% for international standards, and 3% for high quality

headphones, while lowend headphones would not be tested like this.

Behind the earphone test instrument is the Bluetooth shielding room.

where the Bluetooth signal test of earphones is specially conducted to test whether the

earphones can be used normally and radiate 10 meters away in an obstacle free place.

In order to test the function and stability of Bluetooth, workers can only test 1000

sets a day.

After the earphones are manufactured and functional tests are completed, the second

test – aging test will be conducted.

This is to accelerate the use of the earphones. When the power is full, the earphones

themselves will be protected from overcharging.

Insulating films will be pasted on each earphone to prevent excessive power

consumption during transportation.

In the afternoon, we went to the charger factory, where we rested for a while.

Mr. Zhou explained the charger material selection, assembly method, internal

structure, and the function of various components on the circuit board!