With the continuous development of mobile phones , different functions and styles of chargers gradually appear; As the charger market becomes larger and larger, whether we play mobile phones at home or go out to play, the charger is a necessity.

The charger with fast charging rate is generally larger; The charging rate of small

volume is very limited; And meet the small size, fast charging rate charger.

The price is too high to buy.

We are trying to solve this long-standing problem very well.Finally developed a mini fast charger that is very suitable for the general public!

Mini Fast Charger



Input:AC100-240V 50/60Hz 0.5A Max

output:Type-C:5V/3A 9V/2.22A 12V/1.67A(20W Max)


Why this charger is so small?In terms of the design of this charger, veaqee uses a new type of transformer, compared
to traditional chargers, to transmit enough functional electrical energy, more turns are
needed to achieve the conversion of electrical energy to magnetic energy to achieve the
transmission of electrical power; so the general voltager is larger! This charger
maintains the size of the charger on the basis of maintaining the rapid transfer of
electrical power; more portable!

What kind of appearance, can appeal a person to stop and take a look at it?

Combined with the results of market research and customer suggestions, we use high

gloss oil spray technology on the surface of our products and introduce different color

styles such as Arctic white, black ice, charming purple, lovely pink, and cool lavender!

Choose a quality chip!

Intelligent chip provides the charger with safe, stable, fast charging function!